The Kinster

The Kinster

Saturday, May 5, 2012

What a year.

I was filled with emotion today as I poured my morning cup of joe and realized today's date.  May 5th...May 5th...why does it stick out in my mind?  Sure the usual thoughts of Corona, parades, and Cinco de Mayo ran through my head but that just wasn't it.  I know that my sister and grandmother celebrated a birthday yesterday but that isn't it either.  Then it hit me...Kinsley went in for her third (and final) nevus excision on this day last year.  This was also the surgery that we chose to have the MRI of the brain and spine completed.  It was a year ago today that we sent our 10 month old baby back to surgery and held our breaths.  We mentally, spiritually, and emotionally prepared ourselves for the worst.  But we prayed for the best.  And the Lord came through in SO many ways.  Kinsley's giant nevus was 100% removed on this day and we received even better news the following day.  Her MRI scans were clear.  We were overwhelmed with joy.  I cry as I type this remembering the phone call. 

Fast forward one whole year and you will find our Kinsley Rae as nutso as ever.  She is a singing, dancing, laughing, blabbering mixture of Tad and I.  She is one determined little girl but we found that out when she was just 3 months old.  She is learning more and more everyday.  Simply stated, she is our world.  As the summer rapidly approaches, 85 degrees today, we look forward to exploring this world with her.

Thanks again for continuing to follow up on the Hase Posse and lifting us up in prayers.  This has been one amazing year, post-surgeries.  We have allowed ourselves to breath and relax and know that all is right in the world.  

I have included a short clip on Kinsley's condition.  Feel free to take a minute to learn more.

Much Love or shall I say mucho amor,
The Hase Posse

Friday, September 30, 2011

She's Done!

       Well folks, we are so incredibly happy to announce that our baby girl is nevus free.  She had her last surgery on the 8th of September and the surgeon was able to remove all of the large congenital nevus that once spanned her entire back.  I could have kissed him.  I told him that I would if he was able to get it all in this one last shot and he did!  Not to worry, I cleared it with Tad before I put the offer on the table! :) I am also fairly certain Tad could have kissed him too.
          So we are now cruising down the road to recovery.  She is healing everyday and returned to her crazy self soon after we were released from the hospital.  She had the drains out last week and just yesterday the surgeon was able to remove ALL of her non-disposing stitches.  That was an appointment I don't want to relive soon and the beauty of that is...I won't have to.  He asked us to return in 5 months to check the scar's line and healing.  5 months!!  We haven't gone that long EVER!  In the meantime we will be learning to walk more and jabber more and eat more fun foods.  She is at such a fun age, I look forward to the holiday season that rapidly approaching!
          I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your unbelievably gracious care and concern over the last year.  Many of your words, thoughts, and emails brought us through some pretty scary times.  Your prayers lifted us to a better place.  I have said it before and will say it again, we are truly blessed to have this little girl in our lives.  She has taught us so much about life, love, and the things that really matter in todays world. 
I have included some pics to illustrate the wonderful work of Dr. Miller.  There were times that I could have slapped him (waiting for HOURS in his waiting room) and them the times when I could have hugged him (removing the nevus in 3 surgeries, the loving touch he had with her, the times the headbutted hugged, the times he came in during the wee hours of post-op and loved her).   He was amazing in his work, after care, and his true compassion for helping kiddos like Kins.

Nevus, 5 days old.

Nevus, before 3rd surgery.

And now we are done!  Once these pesky scabs go away we will be looking good! LOVE Dr. Miller.

Friday, August 26, 2011

She is ONE!

Our sweet lil baby girl turned one this week!  It is hard to believe that time can move this fast.  We had a wonderful year, filled with challenges that in the end made us better parents, better spouses, and stronger in our faith.  We are blessed beyond words to be surrounded by such an amazing support system.  Our friends and family have been AMAZING.  Each has helped shaped Kinsley into the beautiful, intelligent, spunky little girl that she is today.  We celebrated her first year with a small gathering at Kris' condo.  Kinsley loved being in the spotlight (shocker) and fell in love with several of her presents, especially the Cozy Coupe.  
So much so that she wasn't super excited to get out and have cake...

So, it was back into the car we went!  She remained in the car as we opened presents and wrapped up the festivities.  We wheeled her out to our own car and when she was loaded into her car seat, she proceeded to cry half way home.  I guess she really did fall in love with the Cozy Coupe.  :)
And here we are. One year into this beautiful journey that we cherish daily.  Kinsley is slated for her next surgery September 8th. We pray that things go as smoothly as they did last time.  The Lord sure kept her close and we pray for much of the same.  Our surgeon has mentioned in passing that this COULD be the last time we meet for quite some time.  He won't make any promises but a family can hope.  As much as I love that man, I am ok with the idea that I don't see him for awhile!

Love to all,
      The Hase Posse

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life. Is. Grand.

Before 2nd Surgery

Good news on the nevus front...We met with Kinsley's surgeon yesterday and he was very happy with the results. I swear, every time I meet with him, I like him more.  That seems weird to say about a man who you trust with your daughters life but there is just something about his personality that has taken me a bit to get use to.   Don't get me wrong, he does EXCELLENT work, he is just not always super charming.  I suppose I am just accustomed to our amazing, wonderful, super caring pediatrician.  Our close second favorite doctor, Dr. Miller,  was happy with her incision and healing.  Sharing only a small concern with an area above the incision line. He removed a few stitches to lessen the irritation and sent his smiling patient on her way.  We go back in a month to discuss the next step.  He did mention that we might be looking at two more surgeries.  This is different from what we expected but know that he makes the best decision for Kinsley, her skin, and overall well being.  The pictures that I have added just don't do her nevus, or lack there of, any justice.  I sometimes have to look twice at her back because I don't recognize it.  It seems odd (and blissfully wonderful) to see clear, healthy skin there!

After 2nd Surgery
Great news on the home front...Tad started his new job this week!  He is working for a company here in town that contracts with Union Pacific.  He will be designing/drafting signals and lighting systems for their railroads.  Pretty exciting time for us as he enters the field he studied so diligently in college!  We are very proud of him finding this position during such a crummy time in the economy.  Other exciting things happening at home includes Kinsley getting some chompers and really showing us her outdoor voice.  She is working on her 4th tooth, completing her upper and lower pair of incisors.  She hasn't officially crawled yet but she is wanting too.  She scoots and rolls to the places she needs to go and I think she is perfectly happy doing just that.  As for is wrapping up and I could not be more excited to spend the summer with my babe!  (Babes, is more like it).  Tad and I have many fun family things planned and are ready for nice weather, great friends, and our cherished family time! Tad turns 30 in July and will plan to celebrate lakeside with a few close friends.  Other big events this summer include one sister heading off to college, one sister getting hitched, and one sister having a baby!  Busy, busy!!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!  Tad, Kinsley and I will be venturing south to visit Tad's dad and wife!  We are very excited (and a little nervous) for our first big vacation as a little family!  Much love and God Bless!  

The Hase Posse

Friday, May 6, 2011

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart! WHERE?

Well, the blessed day has finally arrived.  We received word this morning that Kinsley's MRI was completely clear.  Not a single image that was second guessed or anything.  Well, I guess that is not entirely true...of course baby girl had herself a severe ear and sinus infection, but we can get through that.  I feel with this news that God had lifted this boulder on my shoulders and given me a wonderful opportunity to teach my child to cherish every single day.

As I type this she is snuggled up in her bed, dreaming sweet dreams.  She took this second surgery far better than the first and continues to keep us in awe.  She was under for over four hours, and in our arms by 3:00PM yesterday.  She was eating, smiling, and playing by 6:00PM.  She slept well at the hospital, only crying when those meanie nurses gave her the yucky pain meds!  We chuckled at the fact that she was more annoyed with the taste of medicine than her 6-inch incision on her back.  Friday brought many visitors who she welcomed with her big, cheeky grin.  She played with everyone, only stopping to eat and sleep.  We brought her home this afternoon and she picked up right where she left off.  She is trying to roll at every opportunity and wants to sit up badly.  We are trying to keep her somewhat restricted, but who knows how long that will last.

I thank you all for your continued support, love, and prayers on this wild journey.  We have not won the war, not by far, but we sure kicked some nevus butt today.  I will thank God daily for the rest of my life and continue to pray that our fellow nevi buddies are safe and healthy.  Much love from the Hase Posse.  We are going to relish this time on Cloud 9 for awhile!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jesus is Kinsley's homeboy!

We are super excited for this weekend.  We're thrilled to have lots of grandparents in town to see Kinsley and most excited to have her baptized on Sunday!  It is such an incredibly important day and we are so thankful to have so many loved ones to share it with.  My mom made her her baptism gown out of her wedding dress and I cannot wait to post pics.  She did an AMAZING job with it and I am sure it will bring me to tears to see Kinsley in it tomorrow.  I am also thankful that mom finally got to put her Home Economics degree to good use and bust out the sewing machine.  Pretty sure she will now be addicted to making clothes for the Kinster.
Lots to get done before tomorrow morning!  I know the most important part of tomorrow will be witnessing Kinsley begin her journey as a child of God but before then, I must prepare!  I pray that the rain passes us so we can enjoy lunch on the deck. Lord knows it will be a squeeze getting 20 people comfortably seated inside the house!  But it will all work out, it always does.  Thanks for everyone keeping up with the Hase Posse, we love you all.

On a very sad note, I am asking for prayers for the Marakis Family as they lost their little one to complications to CMN and NCM.   May God give them the strength they need to get through this rough time.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Everything in moderation...

I am sorry to have ignored the blog for so long. 

I have learned in the last few months that this whole nevus thing is a pretty shady, pun intended.  I can talk to one doctor and turn around and get completely different information from the next.  I try and sift through the facts but that is the trouble when you have a daughter that is one in 500, just don't have the facts.  I dive into the internet (not my best friend) and spend hours on 'blogspots' reading about other little ones battling the same condition.  I compare war stories, I find comfort in others writings.  I get lost.  I need to stop.

I guess I am trying to take this all in without it taking me all in, and failing.  Miserably.  I have learned that if I let me mind do the walking, we end up in some pretty scary places.  I need to find a happy-medium.  I have got to learn to deal with the waiting and the gray areas and the things that are out of my control. I have got to trust God and know that he will never give me more than I can handle.  So this is it, on this beautiful (looking) day, it's windier than crap out there,  I am going to make myself a promise.  I am going to move forward with life and everything that it may have in store for us with a smile on my face.  No more "woe is me."  No more worries...okay that is a lie. But I will promise to only worry in moderation and at a pace that does not intrude on any other area of my life.  I will look at each day as a gift and resist the temptation to research this stupid nevus.  I will wait patiently for her next surgery and MRI.  I will remain strong and positive and diligent in prayer.  I will because I can.